Excerpts from Videos:

Diary of a Midlife Crisis (3 Clips)
A serio-comic video diary about a middle-aged
photographer whose fear of moving the video camera is used as a comic
metaphor for her feeling of being creatively at a standstill.

My Getty Center (1 Clip)
A chronicle of the winter of 1997, when El Nino and the
Getty Center came to Los Angeles at the same time, generating a few
rainstorms, a billion dollar cultural complex, and an avalanche of hype.

What We Think About When We Think About Ships
(Documentation of installation, including video loop)

An installation which is meant to appeal to adults and children commissioned by the L.A. County Museum of Art and which presents a variety of ways to imagine ships.

50 Ways to Set the Table (1 Clip)
A documentary about the annual tablesetting competition at
the Los Angeles County Fair.

The End of Photography (1 Clip)
A 2 1/2 minute super-8 film about the fading away of the use of film in photography set against the disappearing vernacular landscape of Los Angeles.

Guided Tour (2 Clips)
A mash-up of two docent talks set against images of art shot by the filmmaker that have no relationship to the art that is being discussed by the docents.

I'll Remember Mama (1 Clip)
A meditation on the imminent passing of her mother - the objects that she will leave behind and the memories and knowledge that will disappear with her passing.

Three Funerals and Some Acts of Preservation (1 Clip)
The filmmaker tells the story of the two burials of Michelangelo, films the conservators at the Getty working on their sculpture collection in ways that you might not have imagined, and plans her own funeral, based on some that she's attended and others she's seen in movies.

I Was an iPhone Addict (1 Clip)
One day on her walk around the neighborhood, Fiskin remembered there was a camera in her iPhone. She took it out and came home with 300 photographs. After six months, she had 7,000 photographs. Sorting them, she wonders why she had broken her vow as a former fine art photographer never to take a photograph with her phone and why she had become an addict. She is now in recovery.